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Family gathered around a table preparing to enjoy a holiday meal

The holidays are known for being a time full of cheer, but it can also be full of stress and dread for some people. From cooking and cleaning to traveling and hosting, a lot goes into the holidays.  With this in mind, we set out to find what being home for the holidays really means … Read more

Have you ever experienced that jaw-dropping moment when you spot a charming house and then take a wild guess at its price? The answer often lies just a few clicks away on platforms like Zillow, where reality can swiftly shatter your perception of home values. Welcome to the unpredictable world of American real estate, where … Read more

Photo overlooking a neighborhood

The prices of homes have continued to fluctuate over the years. And even though prices are high in most places now, there are many Americans who jumped into the housing market at just the right time. These people find themselves in a home and neighborhood they like, without spending an arm and a leg to … Read more

Homelessness has risen in America since 2017 due to several factors, like rising housing prices and the rising cost of living. Californians have the highest likelihood of being unhoused, with 44 out of every 10,000 residents being homeless. Residents in major cities with high housing costs also have a higher chance of homelessness, such as … Read more

Two people hanging a sign that reads ‘home sweet home’

Have you ever wondered about the affordability of homes in different areas? In our study, we use the term “house rich” to describe places where homeownership is dominant and homes are relatively affordable compared to the local median income.  From bustling cities in the Midwest to sunny spots on the West Coast, some places stand … Read more

From unannounced visits to lingering eyes, many people have experienced the struggle of nosy neighbors. For some, the people next door play a large role in Americans’ happiness at home, so we set out to find just how common nosy neighbors are across the country.  We surveyed Americans by state to find which parts of … Read more

The journey of homeownership is a significant milestone for anyone, but there’s a unique adventure awaiting those who take this path alone. Traditionally, many wait until they are married or in a committed relationship to invest in real estate, but some Gen Zers and Millennials are deciding to take the plunge solo.  At All Star … Read more

Wildfires capture the media attention every year as thousands of acres and homes are burned, and citizens are displaced from their homes and communities. While the bulk of the damage caused by  wildfires are out of the control of individual homeowners, precautions can be taken to make homes and communities resilient. We’ve done the research … Read more

It always seems to happen when you’re alone. Maybe the floors in your home start creaking as if someone is walking down the hallway right outside of your room. Sometimes it may sound like something, or perhaps someone, is scratching inside the walls right by your couch or bed. But no one else is there. … Read more

When it comes to painting their homes, Americans have a lot of options. From classic neutrals to bold statements, there is a shade for every color preference and palette.  At All Star Home, we are experts in making your home the best it can be from the rooftop to the color of the siding below. … Read more