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Gutter Cleaning Cost: A Guide for Homeowners

There is so much to do to maintain your home that it’s easy to overlook some things, like cleaning your gutters. Yet, clean gutters are vital to keeping your home in tip-top shape from top to bottom, inside and out. 

For instance, clogged gutters can cause water to pool on your roof, weakening it and your entire roofing system. Water from your roof can eventually enter your attic and home, causing water damage. Meanwhile, overflowing gutters can cause soil erosion or damage your home’s foundation. And any moisture hanging around your gutter system invites mold and pests. 

For your gutters to work efficiently, they need regular cleaning to remove dirt, debris, leaves, twigs, and dirt.

In some instances, you may be able to perform these tasks yourself. However, many homeowners prefer to hire a gutter cleaner. If this sounds like you, you’re probably wondering about how much it would cost to clean your home’s gutters. 

We’ll shed light on what it costs for a professional gutter cleaning so you can make financially savvy decisions about your home’s gutter maintenance.

Factors That Affect Gutter Cleaning Prices

Various factors influence the cost of cleaning your gutters. Your home and roof have unique considerations from another. As such, pricing will be tailored to the solutions that best fit your home’s needs.

Here are the key factors that play into gutter cleaning prices. 

Size and Shape of Your Roof and Gutters

You’re probably not surprised to know that the size of your roof affects the cost of cleaning your gutters. The larger the roof, the more labor required. 

But did you know the shape of your roof can actually influence the cost as well? The complexity of your roof’s shape and the number of corners and angles affect the labor and equipment needed to clean your gutters and downspouts effectively. As with size, the more intricate the gutter cleaning job is, the more it will cost. 

Type and Amount of Debris

The volume and type of debris in your gutters can also impact pricing. Leaves, pine needles, dirt, and other debris sometimes require different approaches for effective cleaning. Additionally, severely clogged gutters may take more time and labor to clean. 

Height and Accessibility of Your Gutters

Accessibility factors, such as gutter height and hard-to-reach gutters, also play into the complexity of a gutter cleaning job. Those factors sometimes require more labor and cost more  because specialized equipment and safety measures may be needed to render an effective cleaning.

Location and Season

The time of year you clean your gutters and your geographical location can also affect the cost of cleaning your gutters. 

For instance, the demand for gutter cleaning services is typically the highest in late spring to early fall when the weather is milder and more stable. But higher demand usually means a higher price point. 

Plus, regions with a higher cost of living or unfavorable weather conditions also tend to have higher gutter cleaning prices.

Experience and Reputation of Gutter Cleaner

That old expression “You get what you pay for” holds true with your gutter services provider. More experienced and reputable gutter professionals sometimes cost more because they have a higher caliber quality of work. 

But don’t let higher rates deter you. A shoddy job will lead to more expensive repairs later because of the damage that often comes with inferior work. 

Average Gutter Cleaning Cost by Roof Size

You may be wondering what the average gutter cleaning cost is based on the size of your roof. Gutter cleaning professionals typically charge by the linear foot and the height of your roof. 

Below are general estimates that can vary depending on various factors like those mentioned in this guide.

Height of HomeLow PriceHigh Price
Single Story Home$0.48 per linear foot$1.31 per linear foot
Two Story Home$0.85 per linear foot$1.79 per linear foot
Three Story Home$1.40 per linear foot$2.73 per linear foot

If you don’t know how many linear feet of gutters you have, there’s a simple formula that can help. To get a general estimate, divide the square footage of your house by 10. For example, a 1,500-square-foot home will have about 150 linear feet of gutters that need cleaning.

Pros and Cons of Different Roof Sizes in Gutter Cleaning

Small Roofs (1,000-1,500 sq ft)

Pros: Gutter cleaning is more affordable than you might think, especially for homes with lower square footage. Smaller homes tend to have few gutters and less surface area to maintain, making maintenance more budget-friendly and faster.

Cons: A gutter system on a smaller home may not run as effectively as one on a larger home. So, even though it’s easier to clean gutters on a small home, care must be taken to ensure your gutter system runs efficiently to protect your home from water damage.

Medium Roofs (1,500-2,000 sq ft)

Pros: A mid-sized roof balances affordability and the efficiency of your gutter system. Because these sized homes tend to have a moderate amount of gutters and surface area, the cleaning frequency is reasonable, while the cost of cleaning is still relatively affordable. 

Cons: Mid-sized homes sometimes require more gutter cleaning depending on the accumulation of debris. Homes that need frequent cleaning might consider contacting a gutter professional to determine if another gutter system would serve them better or if gutter guards are appropriate.

Large Roofs (2,000+ sq ft)

Pros: Larger roofs often have the most effective gutter systems because they provide ample water collection and drainage space. Because of this, they may need less frequent cleaning than small, less efficient gutter systems. 

Cons: The downside here is that larger roofs and gutter systems take more time and labor to clean, often resulting in a higher gutter cleaning charge. However, this cost is generally offset because you can go a little longer between cleanings on a larger gutter system. 

How to Save Money on Gutter Cleaning

You’re probably still wondering, “How much is gutter cleaning going to cost for my home?” Now that we’ve addressed gutter cleaning cost factors, let’s look at how you can save money without compromising the quality of work or safety. 

But first, a word about DIY gutter cleaning. Some homeowners try to save money by cleaning their own gutters. While this sounds like a decent idea, it’s easy to get wrapped up in a project that quickly becomes overwhelming. 

For that reason, most homeowners choose to have a professional clean their gutters. When going this route, keep the following in mind.

Compare Quotes for the Best Value

No matter what home improvement companies you’re exploring, avoid settling on the first quote. Take your time obtaining quotes from multiple service providers, then compare the quotes against the services offered to determine the best value for your home. 

Seek Referrals and Check Credentials

Ask for referrals from friends, family, and neighbors who have had positive experiences with gutter cleaning companies in your area. You can also check online reviews and ratings to help verify the reputation of the gutter maintenance companies you’re considering. Before deciding on one, verify their credentials to ensure they have the necessary expertise.

Negotiate for Discounts and Incentives

You may be surprised to know that it’s commonplace to negotiate for better pricing on gutter maintenance services. If you’re looking for regular maintenance services or have multiple properties, it’s good to know that many companies have discounts or incentives. You can also ask about seasonal offers, referral bonuses, or bulk pricing options so you’re not leaving any potential discounts on the table. 

Opt for Off-Season Scheduling

Gutter cleaning costs can fluctuate based on demand. If you are open to scheduling your services during the off-season when demand for services is low, you may be able to secure lower rates or seasonal discounts. 

Install Gutter Guards or Screens

If you consider the long game, it is beneficial to have gutter guards or screens installed, as they can significantly reduce the frequency and complexity of gutter cleaning. This can help lower your overall gutter maintenance expenses. 

Gutter guards act as a barrier to prevent large debris from entering your gutters. So, while there is an upfront cost to installing gutter guards, the savings they offer offset it.

Regular Maintenance

Speaking of the long game, one way to save money is to maintain your gutters regularly to avoid costly repairs in the future. 


We’ve navigated gutter cleaning costs so you, as a homeowner, understand the benefits of well-maintained gutters, factors that influence pricing, and ways to save money on gutter maintenance expenses.

The cost to clean your gutters depends on the size and accessibility of your roof, the type of debris, the location of your home, and even the expertise of your gutter cleaner. 

Well-maintained gutters safeguard your home against water damage, erosion, mold, and pests. So, it’s essential to choose a highly experienced gutter cleaner who understands the complexities of gutter design, performance, and maintenance.

No doubt, you want to entrust your gutter cleaning to a qualified professional who will not only do a stellar job but also spare your home the perils that come with poor or neglected gutter cleaning. 

Contact our gutter maintenance professionals today for a free estimate or to schedule your home’s gutter cleaning.


What is the cheapest way to clean gutters?

The most inexpensive way to clean your gutters is to do it yourself. But the cheapest isn’t always the best, particularly when you don’t have the experience or knowledge to maintain your gutter system effectively. In the end, hiring a professional makes more money sense because your gutter system’s integrity is just about guaranteed. Plus, it’ll save you time to do the things you enjoy.

How can I save money on gutter cleaning?

You can save money on cleaning your gutters in a few different ways.
DIY Cleaning: As previously mentioned, cleaning gutters yourself can save you money.
Regular Maintenance: Regular gutter maintenance prevents excessive buildup that leads to clogs and more extensive cleaning measures, resulting in a higher cost.
Gutter Guards: One way to cut down on the frequency of cleaning and, therefore, the overall cost of cleanings is to invest in gutter guards. Gutter guards help keep debris out of your gutters, resulting in less cleaning.
Safety Precautions: If you go the professional route. You can potentially save money by getting multiple quotes from gutter cleaning companies. This will help you find the best reputation within your budget, ensuring that you avoid potentially costly problems.

What is the most efficient way to clean gutters?

The most efficient way to clean gutters is to hire a professional. However, if you do it yourself, you can use a combination of tools and methods.
Using a garden hose: After taking care of the larger debris by hand, you can use a garden hose to flush out the remaining smaller debris.
The bucket and trowel method: You can manually use a small garden trowel to scoop the debris into a bucket to remove it from the gutter system.
Using a leaf blower: You can use a leaf blower to blow leaves and smaller debris out of the gutters and downspouts.
Gutter cleaning tools that can be used from the ground: This is a great way to save time and avoid using a ladder. There are gutter cleaning tools that you can invest in that have extendable handles to work from the ground.

What is the best time to clean gutters?

The best time to clean your gutters is in the fall after most of the leaves have fallen and before the freezing temperatures set in, or in spring, after the trees have shed their blossoms and seeds. These are the two times a year when the most debris builds up. It’s essential to perform maintenance after these seasonal changes to help prevent clogs and ensure proper water flow throughout the year.