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50 Shades of Gray, White, and Beige: America Loves Neutral Paint in 2023

When it comes to painting their homes, Americans have a lot of options. From classic neutrals to bold statements, there is a shade for every color preference and palette. 

At All Star Home, we are experts in making your home the best it can be from the rooftop to the color of the siding below. So, we set out to discover what paint colors Americans use the most. We analyzed Google Trends to identify the most popular paint color in each state and asked more than 1,000 homeowners about their paint preferences, favorite colors, and when to DIY a project or leave it to the professionals. 

Each State’s Favorite Paint Color

An analysis of Google search terms reveals each state’s favorite paint color - map infographic from AllStarHome.com

It’s clear neutral tones like soft grays, warm beiges, and calming whites still hold a special place in the hearts of American homeowners. These timeless shades provide a versatile backdrop that complements nearly any decor style and offers a clean canvas to build around. 

White paint remains a clear favorite across the U.S. Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster is the paint color of preference in Florida and Michigan, while Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is the favorite in Utah and California. Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace is the top paint color in New Jersey while its neighbor New York’s favorite is Decorator’s White. 

For those a little more daring, some variation of gray or greige (a mix of beige and gray) makes them feel more at home. One of Sherwin Williams’ best-selling colors, Agreeable Gray, is the top paint choice in Alabama, North Carolina and Arizona. Illinois and Connecticut prefer Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore’s Historic Collection. Minnesota and Wisconsin like the warmer tone of Sherwin Williams’ Accessible Beige (maybe to escape their cold winters?). South Dakota and West Virginia are caught in Sherwin Williams’ Drift of Mist. 

But some want more color! Deep browns, blacks, blues, and greens are popular paint choices for homeowners in several states. Sherwin Williams’ 2021 color of the year Urbane Bronze is the top paint color in Colorado, Idaho, Oklahoma, and Washington. Vermont and Alaska prefer a classic maritime feel with Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy, while Mississippi likes Benjamin Moore’s Black Forest Green. 

Gray and White Top Paint Colors

An analysis of Google search terms reveals Americans love gray and white paint colors - infographic from AllStarHome.com

Even though Americans can get nearly any shade of color at the paint store, many continue to gravitate to variations of gray and white. The most popular paint color in the U.S. is Sherwin Williams’ Grizzle Gray. Described as dark, rugged, and brooding, this paint color sets a dramatic tone, especially as an exterior color. Three other variations of gray made the top 10 list including Sherwin Williams’ Web Gray and Agreeable Gray. 

And if it’s not gray, it’s white! Five of the top 10 paint colors in the United States are white. Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster and Snowbound, as well as Benjamin Moore’s Distant Gray, Capital White, and American White are all popular among homeowners. The only color other than white or gray to crack the top ten list was Benjamin Moore’s Palladian blue, described as calm, soft, and airy.

Interior and Exterior Painting in 2023

A survey of American homeowners reveals 93% have painted a room in their home - infographic from AllStarHome.com

When it comes to painting, American homeowners have no problem picking up a roller or a brush. 93% of homeowners have painted at least one room in their home and have spent an average of $439 on interior paint projects in the past year. 1 in 4 think painting an interior room is easy, while nearly 1 in 5 find it challenging. 

Exterior painting is clearly a different story. Only 27% of homeowners have painted the exterior of their homes, and they have spent an average of $1,001 on previous exterior paint projects. 36% of homeowners say exterior paint jobs are challenging. Nearly 1 in 4 consider these types of projects advanced, and almost 1 in 6 think it should be left to the experts. 

Some homeowners would rather hire an experienced professional for a paint job. 35% have hired professionals for an interior paint job, while 31% have contracted out an exterior paint job. American homeowners have some projects on their to-do lists. Nearly half wish a room in their home was a different color, and nearly 1 in 4 want to paint the exterior of their home. The top reasons for not getting these projects done are time constraints and budget. 

Choosing a Paint Color

A survey of American homeowners reveals 40% have regretted a paint color choice - infographic from AllStarHome.com

While some Americans need help doing the project, others need help just picking a paint color. 40% have regretted a paint color choice and 32% have actually repainted a room because they didn’t like the initial paint color! The top ways to choose a paint color include looking at paint chips in the store, considering a room’s function and lighting, and buying samples. Picking a favorite color is another way some people decide. Only 1 in 4 think picking a paint color is easy. 

There are no surprises when it comes to favorite paint colors. Americans love shades of white, gray, and blue for interior rooms and variations of gray, beige, and white for exteriors. When it comes to paint finishes Americans prefer satin or eggshell and matte, but 30% say they don’t have a favorite paint brand. 

It’s safe to say painting a home inside or out is a lot of work. The initial step of choosing a paint color to painting a space costs money but also takes time and effort. Remember you don’t have to do it alone! Grab a family member or friend for help or reach out to professionals such as All Star Home to get the job done. 


In August 2023, we analyzed 1,821 Google search terms related to the top Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint colors to complete this study. For state-level data, we looked at search volume per capita averages over the past 12 months. 

In August 2023, we also surveyed 1,007 American homeowners about their paint color preferences and how they complete interior and exterior paint projects. Respondents were 50% male, 49% female, and 1% non-binary. Respondents ranged in age from 19 to 77 with an average age of 47.

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